Instructors at Gracie Barra

Jarvis Edwards

Head Jiu Jitsu Instructor
Black Belt


Jarvis began his Jiu Jitsu training in 1999, with a friend in his garage. Both were new to the art and hungry to learn. Being that the closest school was two hours away, they began learning from books, magazines, videos, anything they could get their hands on. It was a long road filled with many mistakes, dead-ends and a lot of bad habits. But once he graduated from college, Jarvis was able to travel through-out the US and train with various schools. He had the privilege to train with a variety of instructors, most notably Eduardo de Lima, James Kelley, Carlson Gracie Jr., Pedro Sauer, and Nelson Monteiro.

Through-out his journey Jarvis was able to focus on cleaning up his technique, increase precision, timing and fluidity. He was able to compete at the US Open, Pan Ams, Relson Nationals, and Arnold Classics medaling every time. In 2007 he came to Alaska and found a home at Gracie Barra.

In 2010, after winning gold in the adult Brown belt division at the US Open he was awarded his Black belt from Nelson Monteiro.  More recently, in 2013, Jarvis was awarded his First Degree, also from Nelson Monteiro.

"As lead instructor at Gracie Barra I draw upon all my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned to help our students succeed."

Bo Underwood

Senior Instructor
Black Belt

A former collegiate wrestler who has competed on a National and International level. He coached wrestling at the college level and brings over 30 years of experience. Bo received promotion to blue belt under Royce Gracie and to purple belt under Carlos ‘Caique’ Elias. He was awarded his black belt at Gracie Barra Alaska. He won silver at Gracie Nationals. Bo is no stranger to the cage, he held the light weight belt and has been awarded fighter of the night. He’s trained mixed martial arts under Pat Militech and completed a training camp at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand. Bo is a senior instructor and Gracie Barra Alaska’s Muay Thai instructor, in addition to teaching various Jiu Jitsu classes. Bo competes in Ultra Marathons for fun.